In Righteous Indignation, certain things are taken for granted. We generally call this “the RIGHT way.” If you’re going to be gaming with us, this document is as close as you’re going to get to a “code of conduct” or a charter, or “ideals.” It’s a “way” and not a list of rules for a reason. You won’t be parsing these to defend your actions if you run afoul of us. We’ve been gaming a long time, and as such, we have a pretty clear idea about the kind of group we’re trying to be, so if you cross a line we’ll tell you about it. We’ll be civil about it, sure, but persist, and you won’t have a home for long. The group having fun is more important than whatever kind of self-gratification you might be trying to accomplish. The opposite is also true. “Gotcha!” isn’t a game we like to play. A leader in RIGHT won’t use this page as a reference to parse and condemn your actions line-by-line. You don’t need to speak legalese or reference this document chapter-and-verse. It’s a “way.” Having said that, don’t be mistaken. Just because we aren’t putting up air tight, spelled out, loophole-locked code of conduct for all things Righteous doesn’t mean RIGHT is a place for you to act however the hell you want whatever the cost. So what do we want in RIGHT as far as membership goes? Well, here’s what we consider The RIGHT way to play games in a community.

  1.  Be mature. Ok, Reasonably Mature.  Everyone has their days. If you get your jollies by constantly being a problem, acting perpetually stuck in your glory days at age 12-13, or think the internet is your litter box and you can just go where you want… you might want to consider being somewhere else. Don’t bother with complaints about people not getting your humor or trying to get personal with them. We don’t care. Act like a reasonably well adjusted adult. If you don’t know what that is, this probably isn’t the place for you unless you’re really open to learning. When people aren’t reasonably mature upon the whole, it causes drama. Do you like drama? We don’t. See point #2.
  2. Lay Down Your Drama. Drama makes playing games a chore. It makes the group unstable. It makes our leaders want to do very violent, very unpleasant things to you for soiling our fun-time after some often very long days. If making a guild/ clan/whatever into a boiling pool of unhappy people through the use of teenage mean-girl style behavior is something you derive enjoyment from, my advice to you is to cut it out and leave it behind. If you can’t, you won’t make it here. If you like intentionally doing things to cause drama or create issues out of thin air you will eventually be shown the door. Our guiding principle may be fun, but we don’t consider drama fun. If you consider drama to be fun, you may want to think about ways to contain yourself in our community and only share it with people who get your humor… if there are any. In Righteous Indignation, drama is anathema. Do not, for the sake of internet popularity, imaginary items, or ill-gotten fame, seek to be a continuing problem. You won’t last, and you won’t win.
  3. Fun is the Point. This cannot be said enough. In everything we do, (or don’t do) the immediate question we’ll bring to bear is, “Is this fun?” If we have to discipline someone, or deal with a touchy situation,  preserving and protecting “fun” will be our primary consideration. We want you to have fun. Your time is too important for us to be complacent, doing things that aren’t entertaining or engaging. We don’t like lots of complaining. We don’t want people to be on edge, angry, or easily irritable. We want a community whose desire to have fun together is as inseparable and obvious as gravity is on your daily activity. It should always be considered. It always applies. Have fun! If you’re having another issue with something or someone, let someone in leadership know and we will work to resolve it so we can help make fun the issue for you again.
  4. Be Involved. Take Initiative. We’re very sociable. We like a tight-knit community where people have the opportunity to get to know one another. We also like it when people invest in the community they are apart of, and take steps to involve themselves and make RIGHT a better community to be a part of. Use the forums, get on Vent/Teamspeak. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you might feel left out because we try to be about more than what is happening in corp/guild/clan chat inside the game. We want you to feel involved! If you want to group up, say so! If you want an event to happen, bring it up! We want this to be a place where people have the freedom to try things, get things rolling, and where people have the opportunity to make a difference themselves. We love to delegate and equip others, so get involved, take some initiative, and see what happens. It might just prove to be fun.
  5. Keep it Simple. Do I really need to say more? We like things simple, successful, and fun. That’s it in a nutshell. Complication, whether it’s drama or elitist demands or systems which are more akin to an accounting firm than a gaming group can very easily be the enemy of fun. So we try very hard to keep things simple. We encourage you to do the same.