How to Join

Because we play a number of games, it can sometimes be a little unclear as to how someone becomes part of the larger gaming community.  Sure, it’s easy enough to get an invite in-game (depending on the game), but that doesn’t necesarrily connect you as well as some other, very simple, things.

The best place to start your time in Righteous Indignation and connect with our community is filling out the form below:

Righteous Indignation Recruitment Questionnaire (Link)

Since the needs of each Division (game) we play can be a little different, it’s best to determine if there is a minimum questionnaire, and interview process, or anything like that.  The needs for recruiting in a game like Eve Online can vastly different from something like Guild Wars 2, so you need to check if there is a more detailed requirement first.  It should be listed as a sticky at the top of the appropriate forum.

If you don’t see a specific forum for the game you want, or you’re just looking to join a gaming community without a specific game in mind, feel free to post that in either the appropriate genre, or say hello in our General Forum.  Make it clear if you’re wanting to join, though, and not just visiting.