Forums Being Updated

You may have noticed some changes to our forums in recent days – so here’s the skinny on what’s been going on.

Back in 2016, our hosting service suffered an attack (details withheld, of course) and it caused a number of problems with the database that manages our Forums.  In any case this caused some posts to be lost, registration being closed, and generally the forums fell into a state of neglect

That has now been rectified!  We’ve got a repaired database, new forum software and a new look.  Due to the nature of the updates, there will be some lag time before they’re completely finished, so in the meantime you may notice some oddities with your forum experience.  Registration is back open, so if you’ve been neglecting your forum account now is the time to register and get plugged in to what we’re doing in the various games we play.

Thank you for your patience.  We’re looking forward to re-capturing some of the lively conversation we’ve enjoyed over the years.

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