Elite: Dangerous – Tips for Getting Started

Elite: Dangerous is out today, and with it an enormous simulated Milky Way galaxy to explore. It’s a big, complex game that is still adding features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump in an have some fun now!  That said, it’s also got a steep learning curve, and the game’s universe can be intimidatingly large, so I’ve put together a number of tips and tricks I learned while playing in the Gamma pre-launch to help get you started.

General Starting Tips:

  • Do all of the tutorials before you begin normal play. The learning curve is quite steep, and the tutorials will help ease you into the game quickly. Work on mastering docking and undocking.
  • Don’t be afraid to get blown up. The death penalty isn’t a big deal until you get into much more expensive ships. You can see what your current payment is on ship destruction to get back your ship and all attached modules on your ship’s right-side-panel under your current credit balance.
  • There are three methods of travel: normal (what you do around stations, resource points, points of interest, etc), supercruise (in-system superluminal travel), and hyperdrive (between systems).
  • The size and quality of thrusters on your ship influence your maneuverability in normal space and during supercruise, as well as your top speed in normal space.
  • The size and quality of your FSD influences your jump range through changing your optimal jump mass and maximum fuel consumption per jump.
  • A good way to squeeze extra jump range is by upgrading as many of your ship’s systems as possible to grade ‘D’, which are across-the-board the lightest (in tonnage) components, with better-than-default stats by a bit, and tend to be pretty cheap. Similarly, ‘B’ class are the second best part (and great for cost effectiveness vs ‘A’) but they’re also heavier than all other part grades.
  • As of launch, there are some events starting, which you can read about in the in-game news. There are conflict zones in some of these mentioned systems with lots of available combat and even capital ships in the mix. Be careful out there!

RIGHT ArcheAge: Open Seas Shenanigans

We’ve had a productive couple of weeks in ArcheAge.  Grinding out materials for Gildas, building ships, gearing up – the usual stuff of ArcheAge.  But it’s in those moments where you get a ship and a crew out on the sea for fun that really draw me (personally) to ArcheAge.  So, here are some shots of some of our shenanigans on the seas.

Also — Righteous Indignation is still openly recruiting.  If you’re looking for a friendly, helpful guild that likes Open World PvP and the economic aspects of ArcheAge…  Look us up!  We’re on server Naima.

ArcheAge: We have a Launch!

Well, that time is upon us.


ArcheAge launches in just few hours (Head Start, anyway), and we are very excited about it.  We’ve rolled on server Naima, so if you’re not in a guild and have somehow made your way here, give us a look!

If you’re already a member, we hope to see you in game VERY SOON!