Albion Online – Starting RIGHT

On July 17th Righteous Indignation is making a home on the live servers of Albion online! Albion has five starting zones Mearepools, Gleinmoor, Umbrash, Celidon, and Blyn Brae. The RIGHT guild island will be linked to Mearepools’ Capitol Thetford. Here’s a quick guide to get started with us and save yourself from either the expensive boat fee or having to run across the continent

The Starting Area

To start off make your character and join the world of Albion. As of the last beta they added a redeem founder’s rewards button that you hit in game (in later steps of this guide) so if you don’t get the name or appearance just right you can go back and remake



If you have a starter or founder pack… READ THIS!  

As tempting as it may be to redeem your rewards now, step two of this guide is to complete the starter island without your founder gear and you’ll see why later. On the top right of the game client for PC and the center bottom for mobile are your Destiny Board shortcuts. This window will guide you through a small tutorial, and unlock the core of the Destiny Board.

The Travel Planner

After you complete the tutorial and leave the starter zone you should be on a bridge that leads to the mainland. If you are already in the swamp you can skip ahead, but if you aren’t then you want to seek out the Travel Planner located on a boat attached to or directly after the bridge to the mainland. Transportation via the Travel Planner costs silver based on the weight of your equipment, so delete everything you have on you to reduce the cost to 0 and buy a journey to Swamp Cross.

Commander Bertram


Now that you’ve made it to Swamp Cross head to Commander Bertram at the end of the docks, and follow the second half of the tutorial, this time guided by the orange scroll icons on your minimap. You may now also click or tap the cogwheel icon in the corner of the screen and choose Claim Rewards. This will send your Founder or Starter equipment to the mail. Don’t forget that both the Founder equipment count as leather gear when earning Fame, so make sure you equip your plate or cloth as soon as you can make Journeyman’s if you want to work towards one of those sets.