Albion Online – Our Next MMO

We’re back at it.

After a long hiatus from the much beleaguered MMO genre, there is finally a game on the horizon which has all of the elements we’ve enjoyed historically.  Open world PvP, Sieges, Full loss of loot/items (in end-game areas) and a high emphasis on team play.

Albion Online is a spiritual successor to the likes of Runescape and Ultima Online, complete with top-down isometric view and player-owned land.  It has a rich and developed guild system and an expansive character development path.  Perhaps most shocking in 2017 is the almost complete lack of hand-holdy questing or linear quest-lines.  Albion dumps you into the world, gives you a brief tutorial about how things work, and then sets you loose to figure it out.

Albion is also a single world-server.  Like Eve Online, which RIGHT played for years, Albion’s players inhabit the same single server in a noded architecture.  Every player of Albion is in the same world – no shards, small server pops, or any of the other limitations found in most other modern MMOs.

All said, Albion has been a great experience for RIGHT members who participated in the Founder program and have been present for much of its development.

If you’re feeling that MMO itch, and you’d like to game with some old friends (or make new ones) join Righteous Indignation in-game at launch.

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