Albion News – Two Weeks In

A Quick Albion update.

It’s been just under two weeks since Righteous Indignation first stepped off the beta ship and planted their boots on the wild untamed shores of Albion’s live servers.

There is no denying that Albion’s initial launch was a huge success bringing both a massive community and unfortunate server crowding. Luckily, the development team’s quick patches made the game playable and we made our way through the swamps of Maerepools to the Capitol Thetford.

Righteous Indignation was formed as soon as we raised the silver and since then has experienced an explosion of growth. We already have bought and upgraded our tier four guild island, and with the added plots on a few personal islands it was furnished with Tier 4 buildings, presently being upgraded to Tier 5. Check out our Trello or ask an officer to find out where your crafting building is located.

This however is all just the beginning, and there are plenty of ways to help out. For the time being our focus is on getting the remaining buildings to Tier 5, bolstering our ranks, and helping our new members get into some Tier 4 or above gear in anticipation for PvP, GvG, and more down the road.

Also, a big welcome to our new members!  Thanks for falling in with us.  We expect great things in the coming days.

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