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Because we play a number of games, it can sometimes be a little unclear as to how someone becomes part of the larger gaming community.  Sure, it’s easy enough to get an invite in-game (depending on the game), but that doesn’t necesarrily connect you as well as some other, very simple, things.

The best place to start your time in Righteous Indignation and connect with our community is the forums.

1. Go to the appopriate genre (RTS, MMO, etc,) and find the appropriate subforum (if publically listed.)

2. Begin a post with the following:

  • Title the Post – “[Your character(s) name(s).]{The Game] (Ex: Adonai RisenStar – Eve Online)
  • Your Location (Country, State, Timezone – whatever)
  • Your age.
  • Your preferred playtime.
  • Any bit of biographical info that will help us get to know you or determine your level of interest.  (Ex – “I’ve been playing MMO’s since 2003, DAOC, etc.;)
  • Any questions you may have prior to joining.

3. Once you’ve done that, you can be granted access to any of the applicable members’ forums, as well as being granted Teamspeak access.

Since the needs of each Division (game) we play can be a little different, it’s best to determine if there is a minimum questionnaire, and interview process, or anything like that.  The needs for recruiting in a game like Eve Online can vastly different from something like Guild Wars 2, so you need to check if there is a more detailed requirement first.  It should be listed as a sticky at the top of the appropriate forum.

If you don’t see a specific forum for the game you want, or you’re just looking to join a gaming community without a specific game in mind, feel free to post that in either the appropriate genre, or say hello in our General Forum.  Make it clear if you’re wanting to join, though, and not just visiting.

One thought on “How to Join

  1. Hi, my name is Dustin but my character name is “Gewch” I’m currently a level 31 Paladin in Archage and I’m just looking for a fun and active guild in order to get things done and to have the best playing experience possible. I plan on joining with my friend irl who is currently a level 21 Reaper. Our playing times usually vary but we go by Eastern Standard Time and it’s usually anywhere from 3pm-3am EST.

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