Who Are We?

A Brief Historical Introduction:

In 1997, a group called the Shattered Star Confederation was founded to enjoy games under a principled and equal system. After nearly a decade of gaming, the SSC, as it was called, crumbled under the weight of its own ever-expanding system. A new vision was cast by the founder of SSC, and the group was reborn as Righteous Indignation. Our commitment is to fun and to one another, with a hands-off approach to mandating the choices people make in game. To use an analogy from table-top or pen & paper games, the SSC turned out to be lawful-good to a fault. As well-intentioned as all of our Ideals were, as full-hearted as our convictions turned out to be, the reality was that too many rules too strictly cared for and enforced made for a toxic gaming environment.  Reform had to occur, or the group risked continuing to wither under the weight of an ever-expanding set of Ideals elaborated in exhausting detail.

Righteous Indignation is, more or less, chaotic neutral. Unlike our old incarnation, SSC, it strives to be simple, fun, and flexible. Gone are the carefully legislated rules to restrict game-play to the most concerned standards.  Want to be a pirate? Have fun! Want to declare war on someone in a video game?  Knock yourself out.  Don’t cheat. Don’t bring drama. Don’t make us all look like a bunch of idiots.  If you can do that, everything else generally falls into play.

We bring a decade of gaming experience, from 3rd generation first person shooters to space-combat sims to MMO”s. We play and have played the whole gamut of mainstream online gaming. Our M.O., our modus operandi, amounts to doing things simply, doing things well, and having fun together. Emphasis on fun and together. So, if you”re looking for a simple, long-running, motivated and fun-loving group which regularly games in both formal and informal fashions, in games ranging RTS’s to MMO’s, feel free to browse the site and head over to http://forums.righteous-indignation.com. On top of all this, we have a diverse community of gamers that also dabble in everything from tech-savvy to tabletop war-gaming.  Maybe you’ll fit right in.

One thought on “Who Are We?

  1. I found you guys in Eve online and have been reading thru your website. I must say that I really like what I see! Ive played most of the games you guys have been involved in and I just dont know why we havent found each other sooner. Your ideals are my ideals. Your sense of fun and adventure as a group of mature adults is what I have been looking for in every online community Ive been a part of. When I couldnt find that kind of atmosphere I tried to create it as a guild master or raid leader. Sometimes I was even successful.

    Anyway, I would love to find some likeminded individuals to play Eve with and if you would like to contact me via email that would be fine. Also, feel free to contact me in game as Sang Drax or Ryba Westwind.

    C.J. Duffourc

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