Games We Play

Righteous Indignation is a gaming community.  Whereas most guilds or clans are centered around one game in particular, RIGHT is centered around our members and our love of games.   We encourage people to play multiple games and to invest in the community as a place you can call home for years if you so desire.  We aspire to provide a place where games can belong to a community with a long history and diverse gaming preferences so that as games come and go, friendships and connections remain.  If you play any of these games and are looking for a group to have fun with, register on our forums and introduce yourself!  We’re always looking for new people to game with.

Here’s a list you’ll find members of our community playing together:

Massively Multiplayer Premier:


GuildWars 2 Inactive 4/2013

Eve Online Inactive 7/2012

Massively Multiplayer Free-to-Play:

Infinite Crisis

League of Legends


7 Days to Die

Planetary Annihilation



Other Interests:

Miniature Wargaming

  • Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition
  • Warmachine / Hordes


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