ArcheAge Closed Beta 4 Nears.

Well, that was faster than expected.  In case the image didn’t give it away, ArcheAge’s Closed Beta 4 Event is already upon us.

Here is the announcement:


In any case, it’ll be good to see people in game again!  If you’re not registered on our forums yet, please do so!  We want to keep in touch as we transition through these Closed Beta events, into Open Beta (no date yet), and most importantly into release.  So go get registered so we can begin coordinating, planning, and having fun together!


RIGHT in ArcheAge

The guild in ArcheAge, Righteous Indignation, has finally had a chance to consolidate in Closed Beta 3, and we’ve managed to snag a few new folks.  If that’s you, welcome!  We’re busy playing and turning over this place, so please excuse our mess a bit.  If you’ve just been linked here,   we provide forums, a Teamspeak 3 Server, a mature environment, a helpful and friendly gaming community, and a large AA knowledge base.If you’ve joined already but haven’t taken the time to make some of our perks accessible, please do.

While this is considered a “soft launch” for us, the recent uptick in interest for the game has motivated us to move our schedule up a bit.   If you’re interested in joining or new to RIGHT, feel free to have a look around at this site, our community forums, and begin time in RIGHT by applying on the forums.  (You may need to get authenticated by an admin while we update to a new forum software).

You’ll have to register with us to post an application. You can begin that here:

Register on the Righteous Indignation Forums



A Worthy MMO?

It’s no secret that the MMO market has had its share of disappointments in recent years.  For us, Guild Wars 2 was a real let down.  We’ve dabbled here and there, from SWTOR, to FFXIV, and even dabbling in Asian ports like Age of Wushu.  But among all of these, something just didn’t connect.  It seemed that these games just weren’t able to keep our attention long, and that content was on the short side.

We’ve been (mostly) patiently waiting for Star Citizen, but that’s going to be a long journey.  So in the mean time, we’ve contented ourselves with a whole plethora of games, from Minecraft, to Planetary Annihilation, to League of Legends, Infinite Crisis, and the very promising 7 Days to Die.  That’s by no means a complete list, but the bottom line is we’ve really been waiting on a game to satisfy that MMO itch.

And folks, I think we found it: ArcheAge.


 If you haven’t seen this game, it may be something you want to investigate.

Several of us have tried it, and are engaged now in the Alpha/Beta and have committed to playing at release. My intention is to grow a new RIGHT guild there, provided it can get traction.

This MMO can best be described as a “Sandpark.” It has elements you’d expect from a normal fantasy MMO, but with a robust player economy and trade. It’s end game is primarily balanced around this economy, the PVP it fuels, guild wars, etc. You can own property that exists in the open world, (not an instance), and there are lots of areas of potential emergent gameplay because they give you enough sandbox elements to fuel player creativity.

It’s a little hard to explain the depth of crafting in this game, but when I say that resourcing is the core of the game long-term, I mean it. You can own and build ships (multiple classes and types, from warships to cutters to commercial fishing and more), –most of the map is open ocean upon which you have to sail to engage in more lucrative trade)–, farm equipment, houses (of multiple styles and sizes), cars, gliders (yes, you can fly anywhere – no load screens between zones), and more.

In terms of Classes and combat, it’s great too. Instead of a traditional Trinity (healer, DPS, tank) set of 5 or six classes, it employs a hybrid system where you pick 3 skillsets from a pool of 10. Each skillset contains individual skills that you can the pick, level individually, or change (by paying a fee) if you ever need something else or just get bored. Skills across different sets can combo, applying even more potential effects or doing more damage than skills alone. Here’s a skill calculator so you can get a feel for how it works:


The plus here is that it gives a large space for freedom for your desired play style. If you want a Steathly sorcerer, you can do it. If you want a defensive archer, you can do it. If you want a magical plate wearing adonis, you can do it. It really grants a lot of diversity and space for players to develop their own class, play style, and counters to what they want.

If you are interested in more information and joining us for launch, please let me know. If you want more information for the game, I’d encourage you to watch some recorded streams.

A note: After my experience in beta, I did something I do NOT do for games. I payed for the highest level of Founder to get access to the Alpha. There is that much to learn, that much to do, and frankly, it reminds me of MMO’s I thought were largely extinct (SWG, Vanguard with PvP). I am trying not to oversell it or gush too heavily, but folks… I’m pretty impressed with the potential for this one.

Here’s a little introduction. There are certainly more in depth ones if you’d like more info. Or hit me up here or on TS if you like. I hope some of you will join us, it’s been awhile since we had a serious game around here to pull together around. :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWTxaDK … s2vx_NAVdQ


Pardon Our Mess

You know there are days you have really, really good ideas.  Ideas for a gaming website, with content contributors and a lot of traffic.  And then real life swoops in and does very unpleasant things to your hobby.

RIGHT hasn’t gone anywhere.  So despite the dated and incomplete archive here and on the forums, we’re still gaming and having a ball.

As for this place… Well, we’ll be getting a MUCH needed update in the coming days/weeks as we prepare to relaunch everything.  So until then, if you’re coming in as somebody’s whose new to RIGHT, please pardon our mess.  We’ll get it fixed up straight away.  As soon as we can pull ourselves away from some of the cool games coming out, that is.